Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation

Jul 04th
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Home Charity Queensland Flood Queensland Flood Distributions: (as of February 13)

Queensland Flood Distributions: (as of February 13)

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Tzu Chi Foundation hosted 10 distributions in four weekends. Relief goods distributed:
  • Total of volunteers mobilized: 1,617
  • Total of families benefited: 2,350 households
  • Total of blankets: 4,559 (blankets made from recycled PET bottles)
  • Total of daily essential packages: 891
  • Total of medical kits: 1,451
  • Total of cash cards: 1,448 (value of $724,000AUD)
  • Total of gift cards: 1,261(value of $75,660AUD)


" You must be free of ego when you are with others, so expand your heart, be courteous, cooperative, and loving. "
Jing-Si Aphorism