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Sep 22nd
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Environmental Protection

The Art of Composting

Nurtured by compost produced in a workshop at the Tzu Chi Xintian Recycling Station, these vegetables thrive. Taiwanese generate about six thousand tonnes (over 13 million pounds) of kitchen waste a day. Only about 30 percent of that is recycled. A group of Tzu Chi volunteers braved foul smells and insects as they experimented with kitchen waste to fine-tune the process of composting. Now their efforts are bearing fruit.Full story

Promoting Environmental Protection

Only a decade has passed since the 21st century began, but our world has already... Full story

Environmental Protection Starts at Home

Tzu Chi’s environment mission is 20 years old and is moving its centre from the ... Full story

Eco-Friendly Clothing Gets Quality Certification

The 13 textile products made by the Da Ai Technology Co., LTD have just received q... Full story

Recycling Center in Kunshan, China

Kunshan is a booming industrial town in east China that has attracted a great de... Full story
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The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


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