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Jul 25th
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Awards and Recognitions

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The beauty of an organization stems from individuals' efforts – this is what Master Cheng Yen firmly believes in. Thus, whenever the Master is accorded a recognition award or honorary degrees for her humanitarian achievements, she would unhesitatingly give the credit to all of her Tzu Chi followers “who made all the good works possible”.

Tzu Chi believes that the spirit of Buddhism can be best shown through social involvement. It is only through concrete philanthropic actions that Buddhist theories and social development can enforce each other. Thank you for all your recognitions. Tzu Chi will keep doing its best.

  • The 2007 World Peace Prize from the American Los Angeles Chinese-American Elected Officials Organization (CEO).
  • The 24th Annual Niwano Peace Prize from the Japanese Niwano Peace Foundation.
  • The 2004 Asian American Heritage Award for Humanitarian Services from the Asian American Federation of California (AAFC)
  • The first annual special Lifetime Achievement Award in Volunteerism from the Daily Volunteer Association, DVA, which was founded to recognize groups and individuals from various socioeconomic levels for their volunteerism and contribution to the community.
  • The 3rd annual Top Ten Outstanding Educators Award from the Private School Culture and Education Association
  • Second Order Brilliant Star Decoration
  • The Outstanding Female in Buddhism Award from the World Buddhism University
  • The Honorary Social and Cultural Doctorate degree from Jiaotong University
  • The Honorary Doctorate degree in Social Science from Hong Kong University
  • Second-level National Medal from the President of El Salvador
  • The Humanity Life Award from the U.S. Noel Foundation
  • Master Cheng Yen and Tzu Chi Foundation’s charitable facts and documentation were collected and chosen by the Canadian Department of Education as the teaching material in its high school elective course curriculum - "World Contact - - 21st century Geography”
  • Recommended by more than 30 U.S. academics and educators to receive the Honorary Model Hero Award as one of the world’s 27 most recognized contributors to human peace
  • Selected as one of the 50 Stars of Asia by the U.S. Business Week magazine
  • Reported as one of the Taiwan's 200 most influential people in 400 years in the January issue of the Common Wealth magazine
  • The International Human Rights Award from UNPO, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, the so-called “Little U.N.”
  • The Outstanding Alumni Award by the Taichung Chingshuei Elementary School to recognize her outstanding contribution to society
  • The Internal Affair’s First Medal and the “World Education and Relief” plaque from the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • The Foreign Affairs First Medal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Hwa Guang First Medal from the Foreign National Commission
  • Chosen as one of the 20 Outstanding Women in Asia by the Hong Kong Asia Weekly magazine
  • The Executive Yuan Cultural Prize from the Executive Yuan Cultural committee
  • The Eisenhower international Peace Prize – the highest honor given by the PTPI
  • Recommended for candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • A Honorary Doctorate degree in Social Science from Hong Kong's Chinese University
  • The International Communication Award from the Executive Yuan Bureau of Journalism
  • The Magsaysay Social Leadership Award from the Philippine Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation
  • The first annual Outstanding Community Movement Leadership Award from Community Movement Culture Foundation
  • The U.S. awards: Texas Honorary Citizen Award, St. Antonio Honorary Mayor Award, and St. Antonio Honorary Territory Award
  • The Great Compassion World Relief plaque from President Li Denghui
  • The Social Service Prize from the Taiwan-U.S. Foundation
  • The Social Service Prize from the Wu San-Lian Foundation
  • The China First Medal from Komintang, KMT
  • Elected as the 1985 annual Good People and Good Deeds representative