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Sep 24th
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WFB Merit Medal

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In recognition of Master Cheng Yen’s contribution to serving people in need, Master Cheng Yen was awarded the Niwano Peace Prize from Japan last year. In 2008, she has been given the WFB Merit Medal in the 24th World Fellowship of Buddhists Conference. This award is an honor well-regarded by Buddhists around the world.

With pious hearts and utmost respect, 370 Buddhists from 17 countries gather in Japan for the 24th World Fellowship of Buddhists Conference.

Today, November 19, Master Cheng Yen was awarded the WFB Merit Medal, an honor recognized by all Buddhists around the world. On the stage, Tzu Chi's Tokyo chapter director Zhang Xiumin was proudly receiving this award on Master Cheng Yen's behalf.

Dharma Master Yin-Shun's philosophy reinforced 
As the person who recommended Master Cheng Yen, Professor Yo Hsiang-chou was deeply touched by the Master's world-wide acclaim. Prof. Yo, Department of Religious Studies in Fo-Guang University said 30 years ago, Master Yin-Shun attended this conference in Tokyo. 30 years later, Master Cheng Yen received this award through reinforcing Master Yin-Shun's philosophy.

Master Cheng Yen's contributions in serving needy people won unanimous agreement for the recognition. “Recommending her is not praise-worthy.” Prof. Yo also said, “it is mainly her. Master Cheng Yen has done so much, so she has won the recognitions of city government officials and members. Receiving this award is not just the Master's own honor, but Tzu Chi's honor, and Taiwan's honor, and even the honor of all Buddhists.”

Serving the world and the people
Since receiving the Niwano Peace Prize from Japan last year, this year's WFB Merit Medal serves again as testimony to Master Cheng Yen's work towards her vows - purifying minds, harmonizing society, and freeing the world from disasters.