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May 23rd
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Home Education Tzu Chi Academy Celebrating Mother’s Day at Tzu Chi Academy Australia

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Tzu Chi Academy Australia

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May is the month of warmth and thanksgiving. Mother’s Day, Buddha Day and Global Tzu Chi Day all fall on the second Sunday of every May. The three-in-one celebration is significant with Tzu Chi holding a Buddha Bathing ceremony worldwide.



On that day, we express our sincere gratitude for the graces we receive from Buddha, our parents and all sentient beings.

Recently on Mother’s Day, Tzu Chi Academy Australia held an “Appreciating Parents and Children” session with kindergarten children. The teachers encouraged the children to put into action their gratitude toward their parents by offering tea, biscuits, fruit, and their best gifts.

Among the activities, the children worked together to make cards with flowers and Jing Si Aphorisms. They were also taught how to prepare tea, so they could participate in the “Tea Offering and Feeding Mother” ceremony.

The children were blindfolded, led to touch many mothers’ hands, then asked which ones have held them since birth. When the moment of revelation came to find out whether they made the right choice, they could not help screaming and hugging each other. The children subsequently offered them tea and fruit, followed by hand-made gifts and flowers. The parents were touched by their love-in-action. Overwhelmed with joy and happiness, they hugged and kissed the children again.
“I can help mum with the housework.”, “I can put my toys away.” “Wishing mum a happy Mother’s day and good health.” Upon hearing their children’s sharing, the parents expressed their faith and trust in the teachers’ instructions. A student’s mother said: “The children have absorbed the teachers’ teachings, such as life ethics, which have become assimilated into their daily lives.”

By doing activities with the children, the parents could observe their children and their development. It also gives the children an opportunity to express their gratitude to their parents. They are made aware of their parents’ selfless contribution and sacrifices. They also learn to show filial piety to their parents not only by greeting them or saying thank you, but by showing some loving actions to comfort them. To the mothers, these are the best Mother’s Day gifts.

Translated by Roger Yu