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May 27th
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Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (TCCA), Sydney

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Established in 1997, TCCA, Sydney now has around 70 members.  Current regular activities include nursing home, retirement village visit on first Saturday of each month and trees planting.  Following last year's main theme of environment conservation, a major habitat restoration project at Boorowa (320km from Sydney) has also been carried out this year in conjunction with volunteers from Tzu Chi Foundation, with nearly 3,000 saplings planted.  Our team members also engage as Water Ambassadors in promotion of water saving.

2010 was the 20th anniversary of Tzu Chi’s Environment Protection Movement.  Our Sydney members produced a stage show after 6 months preparation.  The storyline was entwined with environment preservation.  With the support of 120 volunteers and attended by 1,132 audience over 6 sessions, it raised $27,000 for the Haiti Earthquake.

We need more members.  Please join us and help make this planet a better place!

Armed with determination, perseverance and courage, nothing is unachievable

The stage setting is unconventional; a passageway in the middle of the audience connects the two main stages, representing the affluent and the poor world.
The giant hand in the ceiling has dual meanings: Firstly, it symbolizes the incessant exploitation of natural resources for the sake of human greed and desires. Secondly, if this hand is turned to a giving gesture, contributing to help the needed and sufferers, taking part in environmental conservation and other good deeds, disasters will diminish and our society will be more peaceful.