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Jun 17th
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Home Feature Stories Buddha Day Ceremony Spreading great love to local hospitals and communities

Spreading great love to local hospitals and communities

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21/09/2021 Our volunteers donated 5000 surgical gloves and 4000 face masks to Greenwich hospital. We also donated 1152 hand sanitizer to them which will arrive to them on Friday. These face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer will be shared among Greenwich hospital, Neringah hospital and HammondCare Braeside Hospital. We also delivered 10 boxes of food parcel to the residents of the Gladesville Public Housing Commission. Due to the lockdown, these elderly residents have not been able to go out to purchase food themselves and seeing Tzu Chi delivering food to their door steps today was very touching to them. 23/09/2021 Volunteers delivered 26 boxes of food parcels to Balaclava Rd and Gladesville Public Housing. 24/09/2021 Today for the first time Tzu Chi volunteers donated 6000 face masks, 30 caps and 30 ear savers to The Covid Ward of Australia first hospital. We have also arranged a donation of 2880 bottles of hand sanitizer for them. Sydney Hospital is Australia’s first hospital and dates from the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. Never underestimate the positive impact of helping others and the difference we, Tzu Chi volunteers can make to societies and to our country.