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May 23rd
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Home Feature Stories Buddha Day Ceremony Delivering Christmas Warmth and Joy to Residents of Social Housings

Delivering Christmas Warmth and Joy to Residents of Social Housings

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Link Wentworth Community Housing, which is responsible for the management of social housing, have had collaborated with Tzu Chi previously to prepare food distributions. They acknowledge Tzu Chi’s management approach, and volunteers’ commitment and efficiency, so they initiated another collaboration with Tzu Chi Foundation. On the morning of December 21, 22 Tzu Chi volunteers prepared 100 Christmas hampers for the disadvantaged, including elderlies living alone, handicapped, those with drugs and alcohol issues, and residents living with mental illness. Students from Tzu Chi Academy, and others had just finished their university entrance examination also joined to help. 22 volunteers and 4 cars, they embarked on their journey to five public housing districts which were in different areas. The volunteers, along with the representatives of Link Wentworth, Natasha the team leader and Jasmina, community program officer, went from door to door to deliver the Christmas hampers. Young volunteers helped to carry the heavy hampers up the stairs because public housing areas do not have elevators. Another group of nine volunteers headed to Dundas Community Centre to deliver fifty sets of meals and food hampers to the residents. Kathryn, the manager of the centre, was very happy and grateful to see Tzu Chi volunteers. Due to the pandemic and high infection rates, the Christmas party for volunteers and residents had to be cancelled. Despite so, volunteers happily helped to wrap Christmas gifts and prepare meal boxes for the residents. Volunteers hope that the Christmas distributions and visits brought joy to the residents of the social housing commissions and they could feel the love and warmth of the Christmas.