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Feb 27th
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Venerable Dharma Master Yin Shun

A Glimpse into His Thoughts

A Glimpse into His Thoughts As part of making a documentary Master Yin Shun, Tzu Chi Great Love TV producers held weekly interviews with the great monk. The interviews, each about two hours, took place from July 21, 2002, to March 8, 2003. The master also answered many questions from his followers during several stays at the Abode of Still Thoughts in Hualien.

This article presents excerpts from those interviews and question-... Full story

A Mentor to Us All

A Mentor to Us All "Whether he was sleeping or awake, the Mentor always wore a smile," recalls Master Cheng Yen. "Even when he was hospitalized, he responded to everyone with a warm smile. When asked if he felt any discomfort from his ailments, he always replied, 'No, nothing!'"Full story

The Origin of Tzu Chi

The Origin of Tzu Chi Master Yin Shun was 58 years old and Master Cheng Yen was 26 when they first met at Huiri Lecture Hall. The Mentor's first impression of Master Cheng Yen was that she was skinny, petite, and introverted. After listening to Hui Yin's explanation, the Mentor understood better the background of the novice who had shaved her own head. As he would recall: "She was determined to leave home and become a ... Full story

In Memory of My Master, a Mentor for All Buddhists

In Memory of My Master, a Mentor for All Buddhists Two thousand five hundred years ago, Sakyamuni Buddha, the fundamental teacher for all Buddhists, attained enlightenment and began teaching people about the truth of the universe. After the Buddha entered nirvana, his disciples assembled to compile his teachings into scriptures. They asked Ananda, the Buddha's attendant noted for his excellent memory, to recite by heart all the lectures that the B... Full story
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