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Apr 19th
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Energy Saving and Carbon Oxygen Reduction

Save Energy, Reduce Carbon Emissions and Save The Earth

Save Energy, Reduce Carbon Emissions and Save The Earth On 31st July, at 13.30 - 17.00 pm the Australian branch of Tzu Chi held a "Energy Ambassador" training seminar. The speaker was Yuling Du, of the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water. There were more than 30 participants attended. It has been through the immense efforts of Tzu Chi Environment Team within these few years, that water- and energy- saving movement has and is being promoted. This has resulted in deeper understanding of the water and energy saving concepts by Tzu Chi members. When Yuling Du discussed about the greenhouse effect and its implications on human existence, many were able to respond appropriately.Full story

Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (TCCA), Sydney

Established in 1997, TCCA, Sydney now has around 70 members.  Current regular activities include nursing home, retirement village visit on first Saturday of each month and trees planting.  Following last year's main theme of environment conservation, a major habitat restoration project at Boorowa (320km from Sydney) has also been carried out this year in conjunction with volunteers from Tzu Chi Fo...

Full story

Chinese Business Community Eco Night

Our earlier environment conservation activities were mainly about trees planting, clean up, recycling of batteries and aluminium cans.  But with the onset of severe drought in NSW in 2000, we began to focus on water saving initiatives.  Working with the NSW state government, we participated in the Water Ambassadors program.   Encouraged by the Environment Protection Award from the sate department ... Full story