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Jun 17th
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Bone Marrow Donation

Delivers First Stems Cells to Russian Patient

Delivers First Stems Cells to Russian Patient The Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cells Center delivered its first donation to a patient from Russia -- which will save his life. The chance of a match, between a Chinese donor from Taiwan and a Russian recipient, was more than a million to one.Full story

Bone Marrow Donation

Unable to watch patients with blood disorder suffering in silence, after affirming that bone marrow transfer can save lives without harming the donor, Dharma Master Cheng Yen started the Tzu Chi Marrow Donor Registry, which rename to Buddhist Tzu Chi Stem Cell Centre on 30 April 2002.

The Fighter Who Made It Happen
At a press conference on September 15, 1992, Wen Wen-Ling, a Taiwanese student studying in the United States, tearfully thanks the public for their enthusiasm and support. On October 15, 1992, Tzu Chi members in Los Angeles held a blood test drive to find a marrow donor for Ms. Wen.Full story