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Feb 27th
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Master Teachings

Seizing the Present Moment

Seizing the Present Moment [ Master's Teachings ] Time is something that I talk about frequently, especially in terms of how it just keeps on passing by, non-stop. The Buddha spoke about time in three periods: the past, the present, and the future. Full story

The Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month

The Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month In the Seventh Lunar Month, many Chinese will offer sacrifices and burn joss paper to seek peace. Buddhists consider this period as an auspicious month and a month for thanksgiving, filial piety and joy.Full story

The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership A manager was deeply troubled by the HR issues, where he couldn't reach his senior management and couldn't motivate the people who work for him. He felt really helpless. Master Cheng Yen advised him, as a manager, apart from being mindful in your profession, you have to work on the hearts of the people too. You have to use wisdom to break the barriers between others and yourself.Full story

Youth, Health and Poverty

Youth, Health and Poverty With youth, we have more time to fulfill our wishes; with health, we have vital energy to utilize our wisdom in life; with poverty, we are more driven to succeed.

As time passes by and we reflect on our life, we see that humans live in space and diminish with time. Everyone's lives and accomplishments are completed with space and time. So all of us must cherish time and use it wisely to accomplish ... Full story

A Sense of Direction for the New Year

A Sense of Direction for the New Year [ Master's Teachings ]
At the beginning of a new year, everyone is looking forward in time and considering the future. Knowing this, Dharma Master Cheng Yen took care to give her disciples a sense of direction. Below are excerpts of her key messages: Full story

The Compassionate Deer King

The Compassionate Deer King Once upon a time, there was an emperor who loved to eat venison, so he often went hunting with his chancellor. The animals in the jungle all lived in fear everyday, especially the deer population as it experienced the most severe injuries and deaths compared to other animals.Full story
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