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Sep 24th
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Feature Stories

Tzu Chi Completes 4th Housing Projects for Morakot Survivors

Tzu Chi Completes 4th Housing Projects for Morakot SurvivorsThe foundation has completed the last of four new housing projects in Taiwan for those who lost their homes to Typhoon Morakot a year ago, with 154 families moving in to the Changzhi Baihe settlement at August 6 in Pingtung county on the southern tip of the island.Full story

Taiwan Aboriginals Celebrate Dance, Song in New Home

Aboriginal people who live in a new village built by Tzu Chi celebrated their traditional culture. Their songs and dances were a way to show the revival of their heritage after the terrible blow of Typhoon Morakot.Full story

Foster Home Carers Receive New Home

A couple who worked at a foster home in southern Taiwan and lost everything in Typhoon Morakot last year have been given a new home by the foundation. They are full of gratitude.Full story

Makeshift Schools at Haiti

The devastating earthquake in Haiti in January destroyed or damaged half of the country’s 15,000 elementary schools and 1,500 junior high schools. But the foundation is doing all it can to provide education to the children of Haiti.Full story

President Visits Great Love Village for Typhoon Survivors

On June 20, Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou visited the village the foundation is building for survivors of last year’s Typhoon Morakot, in Changzhi, Pingtung county in the southern tip of the island.Full story
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