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Sep 24th
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Donates Stationery to 4,700 Children in Haiti

Donates Stationery to 4,700 Children in HaitiVolunteers returned to Haiti to deliver 200,000 items of stationery to 4,700 children in two cities. They found the country little changed since they left at the start of April, with most of the reconstruction work still to do.Full story

Buddha's Day Ceremony in Kota Kinabalu

This year for the first time Tzu Chi Kota Kinabalu had planned to hold their Buddha's Day Ceremony outdoor. To ensure its success, the volunteers worked and practised very hard two weeks prior to the event.

On May 9, 2010, the day of the event, the volunteers spent half a day decorating the venue prior to rehearsals. The sky suddenly turned gloomy and everyone was getting a bit worried. At 4 pm, the ...

Volunteers Celebrate Buddha Day in Catholic Church in Haiti

Volunteers working in Haiti celebrated Buddha’s birthday at a Catholic church, a symbol of the friendship between the two religions.

Along with Tzu Chi members around the world, the 26 members of its 13th relief team in Haiti wanted to hold a ceremony to mark Buddha’s Day. They contacted Father Victor Celestino Pizoltty Molina, priest of the San Alexandro church, who graciously gave his permission to... Full story

Volunteers Celebrate Buddha Day in Latin America

On May 9, volunteers in Latin America celebrated Buddha Day, like their brothers and sisters around the world.

An elementary and middle school built by the foundation in Villa Hermosa, in the Dominican Republic, held its first ceremony to bathe the Buddha. All the proceedings were translated into Spanish, so that local residents could understand them. The Dominican Republic is the eastern half of t... Full story

2,500 Attend Buddha Day Ceremony in South Africa

On May 9, 2,500 people attended a ceremony to mark Buddha Day in the South African city of Ladysmith. The foundation has built seven schools and a day care centre in the city, which lies in the west of Kwa-Zulu province and has a population of 225,000.

The ceremony was led by the local Tzu Chi director, Shi Hongqi, and 30 outstanding students from the schools. All the boys and girls at the schools ... Full story
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