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Jul 25th
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2,500 Attend Buddha Day Ceremony in South Africa

2,500 Attend Buddha Day Ceremony in South AfricaOn May 9, 2,500 people attended a ceremony to mark Buddha Day in the South African city of Ladysmith. The foundation has built seven schools and a day care centre in the city, which lies in the west of Kwa-Zulu province and has a population of 225,000.

The ceremony was led by the local Tzu Chi director, Shi Hongqi, and 30 outstanding students from the schools. All the boys and girls at the schools know the importance of Buddha Day and saw it as an opportunity to show their appreciation for the help they receive from the foundation. Also attending were toddlers from the day care centre. They were guided by adults but still made mistakes; they were dedicated and quick to correct their mistakes. They might not know all the procedures – but their sincerity was the best offering they could make.
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Tzu Chi Celebrates Buddha Day in United States

Members of several chapters of the foundation in North America held ceremonies on May 9 to mark the birthday of the Buddha.

New York
In New York, the event was held in Columbus Park, at the same time as the main event in the foundation’s headquarters in Hualien, and was attended by 820 people. It was an exhausting day for the volunteers who had worked for 12 hours non-stop in the park to have everyt...

Tzu Chi's Buddha's Day Ceremony in Melaka

May 9, 2010, was the day when all Tzu Chi Chapters worldwide held a ceremony to jointly celebrate Buddha's Day, Mother's Day and Tzu Chi's Day. Tzu Chi's Melaka Chapter held this event in the evening at the field in front of Melaka Jing Si Hall.

That afternoon, while volunteers were busy preparing the site for the grand ceremony scheduled for 6 pm, rain began to fall. This led everyone to pray earn... Full story

Tzu Chi Celebrates Buddha’s Birthday Around the World

On Sunday, the Tzu Chi foundation celebrated the birthday of the Buddha and its own anniversary at ceremonies around the world. More than 260,000 people took part in 285 events in 32 countries and regions. “We remember that, over 2,500 years ago, Sakyamuni Buddha was born,” said Master Cheng Yen in a speech to mark the day. “It was because such a being came into this world that the world’s suffering... Full story

Builds Schools, Helps Farmers and Sick in Cyclone-Hit Myanmar

In the two years since Cyclone Nargis devastated Myanmar, the foundation has worked in many areas to help its people recover – distribution of aid, improved seeds and training for the farmers, surgery for the injured and the building three of schools. It is its contribution to the long-term reconstruction of the country.

The worst natural disaster in the recorded history of Myanmar, Nargis struck  ... Full story
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