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Jul 25th
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Like Dew

Like Dew [ Master's Teachings ]
At this very moment, different people are doing different things. Some are caring for people in need and benefiting their community. Others are acting in a way that creates problems. This all takes place in the same second---each person uses that same second differently. The consequences of these actions, however, are also very different, and they have different impacts on our ... Full story

Life, Like a Diamond

Life, Like a Diamond [ Master's Teachings ]
In this world, there are people who see life as a very valuable gift. They feel it to be as precious as a diamond because with it, they can make a contribution to the world and make life better for others. In their thinking, life is to be made use of, and they take care in using it wisely, with love for others.

In Tzu Chi, there are many people who live their lives with such a p... Full story

The Endless Power of Kindness

The Endless Power of Kindness [ Master's Teachings ]
Time passes very quickly. It seems that 2010 has just started, and yet Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Day follows night; spring, summer, fall, and winter take their turns, year after year. Our life becomes shorter with each passing day. It is written in one of the Buddhist sutras that, “When a day is done, a day from our life is gone.” At the end of the day, when we... Full story

Taking Hold of the Present Moment

Taking Hold of the Present Moment [Master's Teaching]
Normally, in the moment of doing something, we are not aware of being careless or imprudent. Only after the fact do we realize that what we did was a mistake. "If only I hadn't done that! What a mistake."Full story

Today Is the Continuation of Yesterday

Today Is the Continuation of Yesterday [Master's Teaching]
We are always involved with the past, the present, or the future. For instance, we often speak of last year, this year, next year. On a shorter interval, it would be last month, this month, and the next month. On an even shorter interval, it would be yesterday, today, tomorrow, or even last second, this second, and the next second.Full story

Being Seventy Years Old at Birth

Being Seventy Years Old at Birth [Master's Teaching]
Every time I see young people volunteering at our Tzu Chi hospital , I feel there is great hope for our society.

Many young people today lead a privileged life. From the day they were born, their parents have seen to their every need, giving them a very good life. When these young people come to the hospital to do volunteer work, they encounter people with lives very different from... Full story

The Bright Mirror of Our Heart

The Bright Mirror of Our HeartThe New Year is a time for new beginnings, a time when people ring in the New Year with celebrations, parties, and fireworks. On New Year's Eve, many gather in the streets to watch firework shows, but when the celebration ends, nothing is left except a sea of garbage. This is because people's hearts and minds, like the streets, are no longer clean. It seems people lose themselves in the pursuit of... Full story

Working with Joy

Working with Joy [Master's Teaching]
I often say that life is the most precious thing in this world. The profession of saving lives is therefore a very noble one. It is a very tough job, however—for doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical personnel alike. The patients also do not have it easy, because they endure a lot of pain and suffering. Since a person can suddenly become ill, and accidents can happen t... Full story
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