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Dec 02nd
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The Substance of Compassion

The Substance of Compassion[Master's Teaching]
I often call doctors "living buddhas" because they have great compassion. What is great compassion?Full story

Changing a Habit for a Healthier Earth

Changing a Habit for a Healthier Earth [ Master's Teachings ]
In our times, we face a very difficult challenge: our planet is running a fever and global warming is bringing about extreme weather that causes devastating disasters. People around the world are gradually becoming aware of the seriousness of this problem, and discussions are beginning to happen in the halls of science, government, and industry. Yet there is something that ever... Full story

Taming Our Afflicted Mind

Taming Our Afflicted Mind [ Master's Teachings ]
The Buddha explains to us that the rise and fall of our feelings and emotions is triggered by our afflictions, which are like endless knots that tie us up, making us feel constrained. The suffering we experience do not originate from others but from ourselves. When we interact with others, there may be some misunderstandings which cause friction between us. If this happens, we ...

Inner Practice for the Tzu Chi Path

Inner Practice for the Tzu Chi Path[Master's Teachings]
In Tzu Chi, our practice is to enter into society with the spirit of selfless love that the Buddha teaches—the Four Immeasurable Minds of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity.Full story

The Meaning Behind the Vegetarian Fast (Zhai Jie)

The Meaning Behind the Vegetarian Fast (Zhai Jie) [ Master's Teachings ]
" I am truly worried about our world. Since the start of 2011, many historic disasters have happened, signaling the distress our Mother Earth is in and how out of balance Nature already has become. Humankind has brought this about. All of us must reflect on this deeply and begin anew. The way to put this into concrete action is to undertake a vegetarian fast ("zhai jie" in Chine... Full story

Awakening Humanity, Awakening the Heart

Awakening Humanity, Awakening the HeartWatching the news and listening to the words of scientists, our attention is called to the environmental problems of today and the planetary emergency that we are facing. Listening to the teachings of religious or spiritual teachers around the world, we are guided to see how times are changing and moral values are being eroded. These may perhaps seem like separate issues, but what Dharma Master Che... Full story

The Spiritual Food of Dharma

The Spiritual Food of Dharma [ Master's Teachings ]
Every day we take in food to sustain our body. But while our physical body needs nourishment, so too does our soul. The "food" for our soul is Dharma. With Dharma, we grow in insight and wisdom and our soul becomes more awakened. While we have a physical life, spiritually we have what is called "wisdom-life". Most ordinary people focus on physical well-being, but for the sage w... Full story

Welcome to a New Year Full of Wisdom and Blessings

Welcome to a New Year Full of Wisdom and BlessingsTime passes so quickly that we barely notice. Soon we will hang up a new calendar for 2011. A new year is coming again.Full story
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