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Dec 02nd
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Bringing Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to Life

Bringing Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to Life [ Master's Teachings ]
In Buddhism, there is a Bodhisattva who embodies the spirit of compassion. This Bodhisattva, named Avalokitesvara, is so full of love that she cannot bear for people to suffer. When she sees or hears people in distress or difficulty, she goes to them very quickly to offer aid and relief. Exercising wisdom and compassion, she not only helps them out of their material difficultie... Full story

Taking Refuge

Taking Refuge [ Master's Teachings ]
In Buddhism, the ceremony for becoming a Buddhist, where people take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, is known as "taking refuge". But, I have always felt that the meaning behind taking refuge is more important than the ceremony itself, and I always tell people that such a ceremony is not about joining a certain religion.  Religion, in my perspective, is not so much a ...

Nourishing the Seed of Goodness

Nourishing the Seed of Goodness [ Master's Teachings ]
In the heart of each and every one of us lies a seed of goodness.  However, this seed will need water to grow.  Spiritual teachings are this water.  These teachings could come from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or other religions.  So long as the teaching nourishes the seed of goodness in us and guides us to live in a wholesome way through which we benefit the world and grow s... Full story

An Open Heart, Liberated From Suffering

An Open Heart, Liberated From Suffering [ Master's Teachings ]
On the path of Buddhist practice, our ultimate goal is to attain Buddhahood. Yet the Buddha tells us that to become a Buddha, we must first journey upon the Bodhisattva Path. If we do not walk the Bodhisattva Path, our hearts will always remain very different from that of a Buddha. It is therefore important to learn to serve as a bodhisattva. Full story

Heeding the Wake Up Call of Disasters

Heeding the Wake Up Call of Disasters[ Master’s Teachings  at 09/18/2010 Morning Assembly]
Da Ai news reports that Typhoon Fanapi is approaching Taiwan and heading toward Hualien rapidly. The wind speed is picking up, with a solid integrity. During the morning assembly on Sept. 18th, Master Cheng Yen reminds everyone to stay alarmed and be prepared. “I am grateful. I know that all Tzu Chi volunteers are doing all related preparations, m... Full story

Considering Irreconcilable Differences

Considering Irreconcilable Differences[Master's Teachings]
A cause for the greater good requires the concerted efforts of many; it is seldom that one individual alone can accomplish it single-handedly. Yet, when a group of people are working together, there will almost always be differing views as well as different personalities and habits. What to do when the differences seem irreconcilable?Full story

The Essentials of a Leader

The Essentials of a Leader[Master's Teachings]
When we wish to do something for the greater good, we will need to bring together many people. Works of such a kind require the efforts of many; one person's strength is very limited. To be a leader who can bring everyone together and lead them in accomplishing the goal, we will need to have a vast heart and a pure mind.Full story

Please put the title in the following fashion

Please put the title in the following fashionThere are few who would consider life perfect. Even if people are satisfied with their life—happy with the amount of money they have, with their children, and with the state of their health—they would still be unhappy about getting old and the prospect of death. In truth, the material conditions of our life aren't the most important; what matters most is the state of our mind and spirit. No matter... Full story
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