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Jul 25th
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No Craving, No Suffering

No Craving, No Suffering Even though life is short, we can do many good deeds if we know how to use our time wisely. Exercise our right to live a good life and leave behind a legend of benevolence.

Life is impermanent, and it is often beyond man's ability to predict the future. Impermanence cannot be described with words, but ought to be experienced. Doing the right things at the right time is important.Full story

The Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month

The Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month  In the Seventh Lunar Month, many Chinese will offer sacrifices and burn joss paper to seek peace. Buddhists consider this period as an auspicious month and a month for thanksgiving, filial piety and joy.

We should celebrate by offering prayers for world peace, fast and observe a vegetarian diet to protect life and our environment. There will be peace and bliss if we purify our body and soul and tra... Full story

Love Gives Everything Hope

Love Gives Everything Hope Every morning, when I awake, the first thing that comes to my mind is gratitude—gratitude that I have another day to make a contribution and serve.

A day is made up of 86,400 seconds. Life slips away second by second, so we should seize every second to make positive contributions and to form good affinities with others. Every second is to be cherished with gratitude and each moment lived with pious... Full story

All in Our Hearts

All in Our Hearts [Master's Teaching]
One will be truly happy and at ease if one is contented and has no expectation. We should live in a moderate manner and avoid losing ourselves in the pursuit of material things.

The lifestyle of people today is getting really extravagant. They can travel or fly miles away to look for delicacies. Apparently, there was a restaurant offering a delicacy wrapped in gold foil that was ... Full story

Addressing the Suffering in Our World: A Brief Overview of Tzu Chi

Addressing the Suffering in Our World: A Brief Overview of Tzu Chi [ Master's Teachings ]
In a conversation with visitors from the Buddhist Japanese humanitarian organization, Rissho Kosei-kai, Dharma Master Cheng Yen explains the thinking behind Tzu Chi and the work it is trying to accomplish through its four missions of Charity , Medicine , Education and Culture . Below is an excerpt of this conversation, compiled into English. Full story

Awakening Love Cannot Wait

Awakening Love Cannot Wait[ Master's Teachings]
"With the many crises facing our world today, awakening love cannot wait."—Dharma Master Cheng YenFull story

Tapping into the Wellspring Within

Tapping into the Wellspring Within In May 2009, the government of Sri Lanka announced victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The announcement ended the civil war between the rebels and the government that had lasted for 25 years.

Sri Lanka has for centuries been known for its rich ability to produce rice, earning it the nickname of “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Sadly, the civil war exacted a heavy toll on the island n... Full story

Wholesome Friends

Wholesome Friends [ Master's Teachings ] As mundane beings, we really need to make friends with and cherish friends of good character, for they can have a positive influence on us, by encouraging us to do good, pointing out the errors we make, and preventing us from going astray when we are in the deep suffering of anguish and afflictions. Full story
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