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Feb 27th
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The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma [ Master's Teachings ]
The Buddha came to this world to teach us, and to guide us to awaken to life's truth. One of his most important teachings is the law of karma. Though we do not feel and see it, karma governs our everyday life; here is a story to illustrate its workings. Full story

Seize Every Second

Seize Every SecondForty-three years ago, Tzu Chi was founded on the 24th day of the third month of the Chinese calendar. On this day 43 years later (April 19, 2009, on the Gregorian calendar), we at the Jing Si Abode held the monthly Medicine Buddha Dharma Service as usual. With 12 months in a year, plus two intercalary months, this was our 532nd service. As it was Tzu Chi’s anniversary, 25,000 people at 111 Tzu Ch... Full story

Surviving the Financial Crisis

Surviving the Financial Crisis Recently, there has been a great deal of anxiety and worry over the global financial crisis. There are those who are in great despair, and those who worry about the hardship that the economic downturn will bring. With the present financial crisis seeming to affect one country after another, what can we do to weather this economic storm? It will help if we can better understand how we have come to ... Full story

Truly Rich

Truly Rich In life we have so many things to do, so much so we sometimes feel we are running short of time. Have we ever carefully calculated our lifetime? In a day, we normally spend 8 hours sleeping. In short, 1/3 of our life is spent sleeping. Then what about the hours spent for meals, relaxation and holidays? In today's society, most people work 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, of which how much time is ... Full story

The Price of Pursuing Illusions

The Price of Pursuing IllusionsJust look around you: How many people in this world are suffering as badly as the denizens of hell and the Realm of Hungry Ghosts? They are helpless in the face of an unavoidable fate.

And yet even people who do not experience such sufferings choose to inflict pain on themselves by tattooing and piercing their bodies or dyeing their hair. By doing those things, they are trying to attract attention ... Full story

The Beauty of Ethics

The Beauty of EthicsEthics is what guides one’s conduct. One who is well-mannered understands proper ethics and morals and leads a life of supreme truth, goodness and beauty.

In Buddhism, sentient beings refer to all things with feeling. Human beings differ from animals in that humans know to observe propriety and to cultivate good manners. They are able to display civility through their body language. For example, on... Full story

Blessing Ourselves

Blessing OurselvesIf we know how to bless ourselves, good fortune will come to us. On the contrary, when we say bad words, it is tantamount to cursing ourselves.

A commissioner who was soliciting donation encountered someone who said, “How will I have the money to help others, when I am in need of help myself? ” Being reluctant to give, as well as, cursing oneself are undesirable verbal wishes. In fact, if one gives... Full story

Diligently Protecting Your Heart

Diligently Protecting Your HeartThe Buddha says, "Life is impermanent." Not only is life impermanent, but everything else in the world is also impermanent! If we do not do what we can today, things may change tomorrow and get out of control.Full story
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