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Dec 02nd
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The Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month

The Auspicious Seventh Lunar Month In the Seventh Lunar Month, many Chinese will offer sacrifices and burn joss paper to seek peace. Buddhists consider this period as an auspicious month and a month for thanksgiving, filial piety and joy.Full story

The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership A manager was deeply troubled by the HR issues, where he couldn't reach his senior management and couldn't motivate the people who work for him. He felt really helpless. Master Cheng Yen advised him, as a manager, apart from being mindful in your profession, you have to work on the hearts of the people too. You have to use wisdom to break the barriers between others and yourself.Full story

New Beginnings, Every Day

New Beginnings, Every Day [ Master's Teachings ]
Editor's note : The following is Master's teaching given during the Chinese New Year. Despite this, the teaching can be meaningful every day of our life.

During Chinese New Year, people wish each other well when they meet. The atmosphere is filled with festivity and joy, and everyone is very happy. Yet, we only celebrate the Chinese New Year once every 365 days. The most importan... Full story

Creating Riches

Creating Riches [ Master's Teachings ]
In Buddhism, we say that everything comes from the heart and mind. Our mindset, way of thinking, and perspective create our life. Even if our life circumstances are not good, we do not have to suffer. It is possible to be poor yet feel no hardship. We can even, despite our poverty, experience a sense of great abundance. Full story

Escape from Desires, Become a Vegetarian

Escape from Desires, Become a VegetarianHuman beings are born kind and pure. But we are easily influenced by our desires, greed and ignorance that makes us create bad karma.Full story

Traveling the Ten Realms

Traveling the Ten Realms [ Master's Teachings ]
In Buddhism, we speak of ten realms of existence: the six mundane realms of humans, animals, hungry ghosts, and asuras, as well as heaven and hell; and the four saintly realms of the sravakas, pratyekabuddhas, bodhisattvas, and Buddhas. Actually, at this very moment, we can experience any of the ten realms—it all depends on the direction of our thoughts. With a compassionate, w... Full story

A Society of Love and Giving

A Society of Love and Giving [ Master's Teachings ]
When she visited Dharma Master Cheng Yen, a former government official from Singapore expressed how touched she was by some of Tzu Chi's ways of doing charity. She gave the example of how people often make donations through the ATM or automatic money transfers, as they find this convenient, but she sees the way Tzu Chi's commissioners go out of their way to collect donations in... Full story

Emulating Prince Siddhartha

Emulating Prince Siddhartha [ Master's Teachings ]
The reason that we can learn the Buddhist teachings today is because over 2,000 years ago, a young prince named Prince Siddhartha decided to give up his royal life and embark on the spiritual path in search of the Truth. Full story
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