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May 23rd
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A Mentor to Us All

A Mentor to Us All "Whether he was sleeping or awake, the Mentor always wore a smile," recalls Master Cheng Yen. "Even when he was hospitalized, he responded to everyone with a warm smile. When asked if he felt any discomfort from his ailments, he always replied, 'No, nothing!'"Full story

Be Committed to Buddhism and All Living Beings

Be Committed to Buddhism and All Living BeingsTzu Chi was founded on the basis of one sentence: "Be committed to Buddhism and all living beings." If you ask me who has had the most influence on me, I will say it was my dharma master.
--Master Cheng Yen

The above sentence was quoted during a significant meeting that took place in 1963 at the Huiri Lecture Hall in Taipei. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare for the precept-granting ceremony... Full story
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